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A Blog Needs Two Things: An Audience and a Topic

I’ve talked about how you can build your product by marketing it. The advice there was just to choose a market (i.e. an audience) and write compelling content for that audience and a product idea will naturally arise. Now (a couple of hours later), I’m not so sure.

I still think you should definitely start marketing your product before you create it, but I think you need more than just an audience. I think you need a topic as well.

I’ve decided this based on my own experience trying to come up with posts for this site. I’ve kind of decided on software developers as my audience, but that alone didn’t provide me with enough direction. In contrast, with Nonprofit Novice, another blog I recently started, I had no trouble coming up with posts.

I reflected on that a bit and decided that part of that had to do with me being a beginner in the nonprofit domain (see here for details), but I think there’s more. I think I could come up with posts for Nonprofit Novice easily because I had both an audience, small nonprofits, and a topic, online fundraising.

So, for this site, I’ve got an audience, software developers, and just need a topic. I’m going with the obvious one, for me at least, and choosing “making more money”. Seems like a good fit. Making money has always been near and dear to my heart, and I’d love to help my fellow software devs make more money.